James Hotz, MD (aka "Doc Hollywood"), Author, Where Remedies Lie

“Paid In Full is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. This is an insider’s view of one of the most powerful and productive segments of the world’s economy. Karl Peace is a mathematical genius who applied his unique skills to develop statistical models that helped revolutionize the drug development process. Along the way Karl made a fortune but when his wife was tragically dying of breast cancer he committed his life to philanthropy trying to use his drug earnings to advance public health. Karl’s success story is infinitely more compelling because societal norms dictate that it should have never happened. I have practiced community medicine for nearly thirty years in the tiny rural county of his birth. Baker County has only 4,000 citizens, is one of the nation’s poorest and most rural counties, and Karl’s family was at the bottom of the heap. Neither parent finished grade school. His father was an abusive sharecropper. Somehow fate determined genius would be born to this family in a one room shack without running water, electricity or even screens on the windows. Nurtured by an endless supply of maternal love, a teacher who recognized his spark of genius and an indomitable will, Karl beat the odds to become one of America’s “Best and Brightest.” Hollywood has never made this movie, as no one would believe it could happen in real life! I had to see it with my own eyes and now you can also. Yes, the American Dream can still happen…Paid In Full describes how.”